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Intranets and extranets

An Intranet is a private secure network of computers used to share documents and information used by the company and its employees. More generally an Intranet refers to the organization's internal website which is accessible by employees behind a secure section or private network. This kind of intranet is important as it allows the company to have a central point for files and communication.

An extranet is an extension on the intranet in that it also provides a private network for sharing information with partners, other offices, suppliers, vendors, clients or other businesses. Essentially an extranet is an addition to an intranet and extends the same functionality to beyond just internal employees.

The goals of both an intranet and extranet is to provide a central repository for files and information. They are intended to improve the communications of the company with correct and centralised information to its resources both internal and external. Both systems will have been built by a intranet developer or extranet development company.

We are the experts in designing, developing and maintaining intranets and extranets. We have proven techniques and methods to understanding the web based solution that you need to function more productively. We have seen many benefits from developing file and information sharing solutions for companies.